It is always advisable to have a focal point in your garden, in order to attract the visitor’s eye and truly make your space stand out. The presence of a rockery in your garden will do exactly this and more. Hence, we offer you assistance in building a rockery in your garden.

We will consult with you, and advise the best possible location and materials to construct something inspiring and enjoyable.


You will benefit from our expertise in horticulture and have the assurance that we will find the best suited rockery plants for your needs, taking into consideration the growth conditions in your garden.

Rockeries usually have small sized, little alpine-like plants, and weeds, if allowed to establish, can soon take hold of it. So, in order to prevent any damage to your plants, we will also meet all maintenance requirements, ensuring that you make the most of this great feature with minimum fuss. We would love to hear from you, so please contact us for a free consultation.