Lawns and Turfing

A beautiful lawn makes a garden and we want you to make the most of yours! We can fertilize your existing lawn, tackle any weed problems and repair any damaged patches.We will use our expertise to suggest the best methods and products, for your complete peace of mind. This is done through two of our services, lawn care and turfing.

As part of lawn care, we can apply moss killer and weed killer treatments for your lawn, together with scarifying, serving to rid of moss and weeds but also aerate lawns. This will help relieve and improve drainage and compaction in lawns. We also recommend over seeding and applying a top dressing mix (top soil, sharp sand and organic matter) to thicken up the lawn with up to 50% more than initially. This will preferably be carried out in Spring or Autumn, for optimum results, and is our least expensive option.

The second service we are proud to assist you with is turfing the entire lawn. This job is performed in special conditions, when it is hard to do any lawn reparations and the weeds or mosses are occupying a significant area of your lawn. We prefer to hire specialized equipment for these jobs from local, reliable firms, in order to meet the specific requirements of your particular garden and help us perform the job as efficiently as possible. Any further enquiries on lawns and turfing, in the Dundee/Tayside area, please contact us.